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Reading of DOT/TIN Number on tire
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Customer: Car manufacturer
Location: JIT drop off of pre-assembled wheels during final car assembly
Job: Decoding and reading of the tire sidewall and decoding (OCR) of the TIM/DOT number(according to 49 CFR § 574.5)
Checked or read is: DOT number (it could also be possible to read/check other things, such as rotation, size, small sized defects (0.1mm) of the sidewall, regardless of the position of the letters
Solution: 3D scan with around 8000 scans for the complete sidewall . The tire is turned 1.2 times in around 5 seconds
Up to 360 tires / h, depending on automation setup


How is works: The laser is used to generate the 3D image.


3D-Image This is a cut-out of the image of the complete sidewall - the part that contains the DOT or TIN (Tire Identification Number) marking.